UPDATE: Tire Rack Street Survival School Returns for 2021

The SSS organizing committee had its first planning meeting for 2021 on January 18, 2021. I’m just reaching out to confirm that the 2021 Street Survival School is booked for Sunday Nov 7, 2021 at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park’s Driver Development property.  We’ll be using the parking lot and classroom (not the racetrack).  We’ll be bound by the health and safety guidelines that are applicable at that time, and of course we’re hoping that all participants and volunteers will be vaccinated by then.  While we’re enthused and hopeful that this event will happen, safety comes first.

Hazel, SSS Co-Chair


Registration Details

Location: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) Driver Development Property, 3233 Concession Rd 10, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6
Bowmanville is roughly 90min - 2 hrs from mid-town Toronto. Check with your favourite navigation app for exact times from your departure point. Remember, traffic, construction or other delays may slow you down so be sure to add sufficient time for travel.

Duration: All day
Cost: $95.
Where to Register: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/trillium-bmw-cca-21-1-canadian-tire-motorsport-park-rack-street-survival-136780

COVID-19 Update & Registration

By the date of this event, the SSS organizing committee is cautiously optimistic that driver training will be permitted with in-car and classroom instruction. As a result, registration is now OPEN for students, coaches and volunteers.  For Students, your credit card will not be billed until the organizers confirm the event will proceed.

The safety of our students, coaches and volunteers is our biggest concern. This event will comply with all local, regional and CDC protocols, and will only proceed if COVID-19 risks are minimal.

Driver Training that Saves Lives

Stats Canada reports that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among drivers in their first 10 years of driving. They account for over 70 percent of accidental deaths in that age group. 

In an effort to reduce this risk and save lives, this program is designed for relatively new drivers, within their first 10 years of driving, in any car. There is no need to be a member of either the BMW Club or UCR to participate. This is a community service initiative, and the cost is $95, including HST, for a full day of training, lunch and refreshments.

The Tire Rack Street Survival School goes beyond traditional driver education programs; the primary emphasis of the program is a “hands-on” driving experience with in-car skills-development in a closely supervised environment. Participants perform a series of exercises designed to teach the handling limits of their cars and make them safer drivers. Where else would students learn these skills and have the opportunity to practice them, before needing to use these skills in an emergency?


  • Learn how to avoid an accident
  • One-on-one, in-car coaching
  • Emergency situation recovery manoeuvres
  • Skid pad and other car control exercises
  • Demos
  • Interactive classroom sessions

Recent Participant Comments

"Such a fantastic day - it will make me a better driver for sure."

"Excellent experience - a must do for all drivers."

"I enjoyed myself, and learned a lot."

"The in-car real life simulations were eye-opening and enlightening."

"Loved it! Tons of fun! Great safe environment to figure out car limits."

"Lots of learning and lots of fun in a friendly and supportive environment!"

Published Participant, Parent & Volunteer Perspectives

For more information about what to expect as a participant, check out these articles by Andy Lin, an automotive journalist for Autos.ca: “First Person Driver” Part One and Part Two.

Three parents, including Scott Goodyear, former Indy Car Champion, share their perspectives in this short two minute video on the benefits of the program. 

Here are articles from the parents of two recent students in the Greater Toronto Area:

The school is supported by volunteers and sponsors who care about our communities. In 2016, there were over 100 schools across North America. Volunteers from BMW CCA Trillium Chapter and Porsche CCA Upper Canada Region have supported this program since 2013.. Here are some articles describing the program from a volunteer’s perspective:

What to Bring for Each Participant

  • A valid Ontario G2 or G Driver’s Licence, or equivalent. A G1 licence is not accepted.
  • A car (alternatively, one car can be shared between 2 participants) – cars are NOT provided.

Participants are encouraged to use the car they normally drive so they learn how their car would perform in an emergency.