Solo Students

Our Solo driving program provides for a lot of track time - typically 8 track sessions per day. For 2024 we have added flexibility regarding which day(s) you wish to attend. We offer 1-Day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), 2-Day (Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday) and 3-Day options (Friday through Sunday) options. We even offer an extra flexible option where you can register for a 1-Day or 2-Day event and decide at the very last moment which day(s) you wish to attend.

We take an informal approach whereby several assigned instructors ride with solo students on a rotating basis for value-added coaching. It also includes some advanced on-track exercises, which are a subset of what we teach at the BMW Club Racing schools.

To become a member of the pre-approved Solo group:

  1. Must be a Trillium "Group A" Student
  2. Must be recommended for the pre-approved Solo group by a Trillium instructor
  3. Must be approved by the Chief Instructor
  4. Must pass a check-out ride

If you are a student from another club, you must also have equivalent verifiable experience

If you believe you have the experience necessary to be considered a solo student, please contact the registrar: