Solo Students

Our Saturday and Sunday solo driving program provides for a lot of track time - typically 7 track sessions per day - plus an educational component, which focuses on courtesy, safety and personal growth.

We take an informal approach whereby several assigned instructors ride with solo students on a rotating basis for value added coaching. It also includes some advanced on-track exercises, which are a subset of what we teach at the BMW Club Racing schools. Group meetings are held between track sessions for de-briefing in a collaborative atmosphere. You will have ample opportunity to work on problem areas and refine your skills as a solo driver, while enjoying unprecedented amounts of seat time and superb camaraderie!
In short the program offers our top level drivers an opportunity for continued improvement towards excellence at the highest of standards.

All Solo Students:

  1. Must be a Trillium "Group A" Student and must be pre-approved for the permanent solo group by the Chief Instructor.
  2. If you are a student from another Club you must also have equivalent verifiable experience

If you believe you have the experience necessary to be considered a solo student please contact the registrar:

Please note that while we offer solo sessions on Saturday and Sunday, our Friday sessions are reserved for invited solo students and instructors only.