The President's Message for 2019 - Business as Usual

Dear Members

It may have come to your attention that during a recent BMW Clubs Canada members meeting, the BMW Clubs Canada board of directors voted to terminate Trillium's membership in BMW Clubs Canada effective February 8, 2019.

It is our position that this action was improperly taken and done so outside of the BMW Clubs Canada guidelines and those of the International Council of BMW Clubs. It was made while Trillium and the BMW Car Club of America were negotiating in good faith to resolve any all disputes between the entities. Our memberships in the BMW Car Club of America, all benefits associated within, remain intact and without interruption.

Trillium is operating business as usual; meaning all driving and social events planned for this year will be held as scheduled and all the member benefits are unchanged.

I look forward to all Trillium members participating and sharing in another successful year.  Should you have any questions with regard to anything you hear or read about Trillium chapter, please feel free to contact me directly (

Eileen Arnaud, President
Trillium Chapter