Newsletter: November 2020

As the sun sets on our track season, we want to give a big thank you to all of our students, instructors, volunteers and our board of directors for making this year the best it could be, given the global pandemic.

As you know, our club is 100% volunteer based. This year pushed our volunteers to develop strategies to hold events while keeping our members safe and healthy. Between the Board of Directors, the Covid-19 task force, the Driving Events Committee and all the registration volunteers, we managed to take the lemons we received, and made a good batch of lemonade. Thank you all for your patience and dedication to the club to make this year successful.

2021 Advanced Driving School Schedule

We are working with CTMP and Calabogie to put together our 2021 schedule. We will be announcing the schedule in the coming weeks and will open up registration at that time. We hope you all join us for another great year of developing your high performance driving skills.

2020 Christmas Party Is Cancelled

We tried our best to find a way to have a Christmas party, however, with the current rise in Covid-19 cases, we have no option but to cancel this event. We will miss seeing you all to celebrate the year, however, safety is our number 1 priority. Until next year...

2021 Helmets and The Trillium Chapter

For all Trillium HPDE and Auto Slalom events, helmets are required. Helmets must have the Snell rating “SA” followed by either 2010, 2015 or 2020.

Although the SA 2010 helmets were due to expire at the end of 2020, the BMW CCA has allowed one more “grace year”, so the SA 2010 helmets will expire at the end of 2021. This rule applies to all track and competition events, i.e. HPDE, Auto Slalom and BMW CCA Club Racing.

SA 2015 helmets will expire in 2025, and SA 2020 helmets will expire in 2030.

Helmets with a motorcycle rating (e.g. SM) or DOT rated helmets will not be accepted at Trillium events.   

Trillium is working on creating a bulk buy for helmets which will result in a significant discount for its members. The strategy is to offer different brands of helmets priced at different price points, so that all members can choose a helmet that fits their budget and their preference. We expect to have an announcement in early spring, well before the SA 2010 helmets expire in Dec 2021.

Whether you are buying a helmet independently or through the (yet to be announced) Trillium bulk purchase plan, make sure you try it on, and wear it for at least 15 minutes – some helmets are heavy and it takes time to realize the effect of the weight if you simply try it for only 60 seconds. Also make sure visibility is good, with visor down and up, and make sure it is comfortable all around, including the chin strap.

The reason we insist on “SA” rated helmets is because they are tested for fire resistance in addition to impact testing. Motorcycle helmets and DOT helmets are not tested for fire resistance.

Isi Papadopoulos, Chairman, Driving Events Committee

SIM Racing Series Coming to Trillium

After a test race season on iRacing with BMW CCA, Trillium has decided to develop our own series for our members to participate in. We are in the early stages of planning the league, format, tracks, cars and rules, however, we hope to communicate with you shortly about a test series to judge interest and to flesh out some of the details.

Trillium member Jim Anderson will be leading this initiative. We are looking for volunteers to help with league set-up, marshalling, and coordination of the drivers and the various technologies. Of course, we want drivers too! We will be asking for your interest soon and have more exciting news about this great racing format.

Something To Pass the Time This Winter

It's going to be a long winter, so what better way to pass the time and get new insight on performance driving than to read. Two for developing skills and one just for fun.

Going Faster! This complete racer's reference is the perfect resource for all drivers from novice to expert. The fundamentals of fast driving are revealed in this definitive how-to book for racers. You will find the competition-proven methods of instructors and of professional drivers that will give you the know-how to work up the track and stay at the front. Interested in the world of racing? Just think, you can have all of the lessons and insights from Skip Barber instructors and from professional racers compiled in one handbook. This racing reference reveals the secrets of mastering car control, reducing lap times, as it takes the reader inside the world of racing. Going Faster! is the definitive book for the active race driver, the racer-to-be, and the auto-racing fan who wants to know what driving a racecar is really about.

See to Play: The Eyes of Elite Athletes In the competitive world of post–high school athletics, conditioning is everything. From muscle mass to lung capacity to endurance to speed, athletes who can get an edge have a better chance of moving up the ladder to more and more elite levels of play. But one aspect of conditioning that is often overlooked is vision. Ignored or undetected problems in the visual system have stopped many athletes' progress before making it to the professional—or even college—levels and has even ended otherwise promising professional athletic careers.

Cannonball In the early 1970s, Brock Yates, senior editor of Car and Driver Magazine, created the now infamous Cannonball Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash; a flat out, no-holds-barred race from New York City to Redondo Beach, California. Setting out to prove that well trained drivers could safely navigate the American highways at speeds in excess of the posted limits, Mr. Yates created a spectacle reminiscent of the glory days of the barnstorming pilots. Filled with fascinating unpublished stories, nostalgic and modern-day photographs, inside information and hilarious stories from this outrageous and incredibly immoral rally. Brock is one of the best-known, most respected automotive journalists in the world today.

Happy reading!