2018 STUDENT Registration - Weekend - Novice to Solo

Registration for 2018 Weekend Track Events for Students - Novice to Solo

Do you want to attend the Sept 20-21 driving school? Sometimes people drop out and a spot opens up. Please contact registrar@trilliumbmwclub.ca to be waitlisted.

Welcome to the SATURDAY & SUNDAY Advanced Driving School Student Registration for all driver levels from Novice to Solo. The following dates are available: April 28-29 (Sold Out), June 9-10 (Sold Out), Sept 8-9 (Sold Out), Oct 20-21 (Sold Out). You may register for single school or multiple schools (for which a discount is available). To register you must be a registered member of this web site, either as a Trillium member, CCA member, or member of any Canadian Chapter of the BMW Club of Canada. If the calendar has not pass a sold out date, you can contact the registrar (available at registrar@trilliumbwmclub.ca) and ask to be put on the waiting list.

Prerequisites: In order to register for our events you must be:

  1. A paid up Trillium member / Member in good standing at another Canadian chapter or the BMW CCA (see Membership tab on the homepage for details).
  2. Signed in to your account on this website.

If new, please refer to the “Membership” tab on the homepage. Please ensure you fill out your member profile to establish a proper run group for the event (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or Solo). Should you have any questions, please contact Isi via email at registrar@trilliumbmwclub.ca

Conditions: All events are subject to conditions, limitations and pre-requisites. Please refer to the “Schools” tab on the home page and familiarise yourself accordingly.

Pricing Overview - Single School (Taxes are included at checkout. Fees are eligible for income tax deductions as educational expenses)

  • > 6 weeks prior to start of event: $534+ HST
  • Between 3 and 6 weeks to start of event: $588 + HST
  • < 3 weeks to start of event: $642 + HST

Please click on Register Now button below and select your choice of weekends. If the Register Now button does NOT appear it means you are not logged in. We accept major credit cards via Paypal.

*Please note, mismatching the number of schools chosen and the number of schools paid for will cause confusion. For example, if you picked April, June, Sept schools but paid only for two, we assume you only want to attend the April and June schools.

Thank you for choosing Trillium!

Please register early to avoid being waitlisted.

If you wish to purchase a driving school for another person as a gift, contact us directly at registrar@trilliumbmwclub.ca. For insurance purposes, all attendees of any Trillium event must be up to date members of the club (or it's recognised neighbour clubs), meet all requirements for membership (including age, valid drivers license, auto insurance, etc), and meet requirements for vehicle type, tech check, etc. 


October 20th, 2018 6:45 AM   through   October 21st, 2018 5:00 PM
Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
3233 Concession Rd 10
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6
Please pay for the number of schools chosen
Oct 20-21 $ 642.00