CASC-Trillium Membership Signup

To participate in any Trillium Chapter driving event you must be a member of the Trillium chapter club. CASC-Trillium members pay for their Trillium membership through CASC but since CASC and Trillium databases are not electronically linked, paying for a CASC membership is not reflected on Trillium's web site. The immediate effect is, until added to Trillium's database manually, CASC members cannot signup for Trillium events. For CASC-Trillium members to attend Trillium events they must first pay CASC then come to this site and sign up. Keep the following in mind:

  1. CASC racer who needs a racing license and also elects to be a Trillium Member? Pay CASC first, then come to Trillium's site to sign-up / renew.
  2. I'm a CASC racer who is part of another club, or at least is not part of Trillium. Please sign up as a full member. You do not qualify as a Trillium-CASC member. Full membership join-up is found here: Joining Trillium as a Full Member
  3. You are CASC-Trillium? Make sure you're paid up with CASC. While you can sign up on this site at no additional cost, we do check with CASC if you paid first.
  4. All memberships expire Dec 10 of the year you sign up, regardless of what date you sign up.
  5. If you paid CASC, you do not/not need to pay Trillium again. CASC sends us your membership dues. Another payment here means you'd be paying twice. Remember, pay CASC first, then come here to renew (at no cost) or sign up (at no cost).

A Two-Step Process

  1. Click on CASC-Trillium Signup form. Once your data is submitted we will confirm your payment status with CASC. Until confirmed you cannot sign up for driving events
  2. Post confirmation we'll send you an email. You can then sign up.

Please allow 1~2 weeks for processing. Unlike CASC itself, Trillium is 100% volunteer. 

All members (new and existing) are encouraged to read over the club's bylaws by clicking on the link: BMW Club of Canada Trillium Chapter By Laws.

Welcome to the BMW Club of Canada Trillium Chapter

* The Trillium Chapter reserves the right to rescind Member priviledges for any member at any time for failure to follow club rules. Club Memberships expire on Dec 10 of each year automatically. CASC-Trillium members are full Trillium members.