Great Circuits of Ontario: Calabogie - BMW Club Advanced Driving School July 16-18

For the second year in a row, Trillium will be hosting an Advanced Driving School at Calabogie Motorsports Park. If you have not been to this track, it is 20 glorious corners through the forest. With corners like Temptation, Deliverance and Candy Mountain, what's not to love? Learning a new track also helps to develop new skills to take back to your home track. If you are a member in good standing an paid up dues of either the BMW CCA (BMW Clubs of America) or BMW CC (BMW Clubs Canada), you may attend. If you are not yet a member, join up! If you are a member of another car club, you will need to join either the BMW CCA or BMW CC.

C, B and A Students

With the Covid-19 guidelines, this event is lead/follow for these groups. That means:

  • An Instructor will lead 2-3 cars on track. You will follow.
  • You will be driving alone in the car. This will heighten your learning.
  • There will be specific exercises you will do on track to build up your knowledge of the track, confidence and speed.
  • There will be instructor/student group briefings before and after your session.
  • There will be no classroom sessions – your “classroom” will be with your instructor. There will still be a formal curriculum!
  • We will move students to different groups as the weekend progresses so that you are with students/cars of similar pace.
  • You will get a lot of Track Time.

Solo Students

Pre-approved Solo students and Instructors are invited to the Friday Solo lapping day, in addition to the Saturday and Sunday. There will be Fast and Faster groups on Friday. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, there will be no Solo tests or sign-offs at this event.

Friday Lapping Day Qualification

Trillium is making a change to who qualifies to run on Friday's at Calabogie, and opening that day up to certain Advanced students. To qualify, students must be in the A group, with extensive​ previous experience at Calabogie, and have been previously signed-off at Calabogie. Students will also be required to register for the Saturday/Sunday DE and will be assigned an instructor for Saturday/Sunday.

If you are an A student and wish to attend on Friday, please confirm eligibility by sending an email to to get approval before registering. Qualifying A students can add Friday lapping to their DE Packages, or individually by going to the specific event registration page on MotorsportReg. Please note: that if A students are accepted to run on Friday, this does NOT mean they qualify for pre-approved Solo, and must still go through the regular process for promotion into Solo group.

Pricing for All Students

July 16-18th. All prices include HST

Sat/Sun: $794 CAD

Early-bird Saturday/Sunday Prices

  • $663 CAD more than 6 weeks in advance
  • $729 CAD more than 3 weeks in advance

Fri (pre-approved Solo only): $469 CAD

Early-bird Friday Prices

  • $397 CAD more than 6 weeks in advance
  • $436 CAD more than 3 weeks in advance

Residents of Canada will receive a tuition tax-receipt for 90% of fees paid, which can be claimed as tuition on your income tax return.

Register Here:
Questions about Registration?

Cancellation Policy for All Students and Events

Whether you are participating in the weekend ADS or just the Solo Lapping day on Friday, there is a new cancellation policy in effect for 2021. The policy is as follows:

  • For early cancellations (beyond 2-weeks before the event) you can transfer your money to the next event or get a refund if you are not registered for another event.
  • No refunds for cancellations within 2-weeks of the event.
  • If you come down with Covid-19 symptoms just before the event, DO NOT COME. However, to transfer your fees to another event, the club is requesting a doctor’s note. The club will not refund your money after the 2-week deadline.

Lunch for this Event

Each day we will be offering a lunch, available for pickup via the registration tent area. Lunch for members is $10.00 per day and cash will be collected at registration. Please try to have the exact amount for our wonderful volunteers working registration. If you would prefer to get your own lunch at a nearby restaurant, please inform the volunteers at registration.

COVID-19 Vaccination

If you have had one or both vaccination shots, you still must follow all Covid-19 precautions; wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and keep a 6 foot distance from others, at all times. No exceptions. We are privileged to be able to host these events. Members that cannot follow the guidelines will be asked to leave.


If you have not signed up yet, please register this week (June 7-15)

Other Clubs and Chapters. Can I attend if not part of the Trillium Chapter?

The Trillium Chapter is an official BMW Club and is part of the BMW Clubs of America (BMW CCA). If you are a member in good standing with paid up dues of any chapter of the BMW CCA or BMW Clubs of Canada (BMW CC), you may attend. If you are a member of another car club, you will need to join either the BMW CCA or BMW CC.

It's going to be a great weekend.