Advanced Driving School 2024

Most major makes and models of cars are invited to attend

The Trillium BMW Club (a member chapter of the BMW Club of America) runs five (5) Advanced Driving Schools (4 local + 1 out of town) during the year. For 2023 these will be run in April, June, July, August, amd October. All local schools are run at Canadian Tire Motorsports Part (Mosport) in Bomanville, Ontario (roughly 90 minutes from Toronto). Our out of town school will be held at Wakins Glen, New York. Our weekend schools cater to all experience levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Solo students. We offer expert, personalized, one-on-one instruction sessions both in-car on-track and in the classroom. Between the classroom and the track we hone your car control skills on the skid pad. Typically each group of students goes through four 30-minute rotations of each type of session per day – which makes for a very varied and engaging event. Our school events are are exciting, highly educational and lots of fun. Saturday includes a guided track-walk reviewing each famous Mosport corner up close and personal – just like the pros do. The highlight of Saturday evening is a catered dinner, including raffles for swag as well as a full dose of camaraderie, before heading off for some well deserved rest and another full day of excitement on Sunday.

Our Friday schools are reserved for solo students and instructors only. Please click here for full details for approved Solo students. 


Pricing can vary from year to year, event to event, and time of sign up. Typically, prices are in the  $712-$851 range (price varies by registration date) for a full two-day weekend. Many other schools offer a single day. Trillium offers TWO days. Trillium also offers a BULK DISCOUNT for those looking for multiple track weekends. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Please see the schedule (click here) for current dates and pricing.

Pre-requisites and Conditions

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have a full G License
  • You must be a paid up member of one of the following:  The Trillium BMW Club, BMW Car Club of America (any chapter), BMW Car Club Canada (any member). To join the Trillium BMW Club, click here.
  • If you've never attended a school before you must complete and sent in your driving resume from the "Driving Resume Questionnaire" link (NOTE: You must be logged in before you can use the questionnaire. It will not appear for anonymous users).
  • You must bring an approved and signed Technical Inspection Form
  • You must bring a signed waiver for the track.
  • Any make of open-top car (convertible, T-top or Targa top) with factory installed rollover protection meets our standard. On track, the convertible top must be in the "up" position or the removable components latched in place. If the open-top car does not have factory installed rollover protection, a roll bar or roll cage must be installed. In that case it can run with the top down with the removable components not in place. It is up to you to ensure that the roll bar or cage meets generally accepted standards for such equipment, such as those of CASC-OR. A roll bar must also meet the “broom stick rule”, namely that the driver’s helmeted head is below a broom resting on the top of the windshield and the roll bar. In the case of a rollover in an open car, there is a danger of losing a limb or a hand unless arm restraints are employed.
  • Vehicles that may not/not participate include: Open-wheeled cars, trucks (including light trucks), vans (including minivans), non-BMW SUV, cross-overs, military vehicles, delivery vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, motorcylces, etc. Basically anything that isn't a coupe, gran coupe (i.e. sedan without a b-pillar), sedan, station wagon, hatch back, compact, or BMW SUV. Please note Trillium reserves the right to restrict any vehicle from participation if we believe there is an unacceptable safety risk to either the driver and/or other participants.
  • BMW SUVs (a.k.a BMW X-vehicles): You may register for a driving school and bring your BMW X vehicle (e.g. X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7) but the vehicle may only participate in the Novice group regardless of the driver's skill level. For example, you are a solo driver and often bring an M3 but at one school, you decide to bring your X5 instead. Your X-vehicle may only participate in the novice group and will need to follow all rules associated with that group. What about other makes and models of SUV not made by BMW? At this time our policy on SUVs reflects information provided to us by the BMW Car Club of America and BMW itself. Hence, BMW SUVs are qualified to participate in the Novice group at CCA-run Advanced Driving Schools. "Well other cars besides BMWs are qualified to come to CCA driving schools, why not other makes of SUVs?" you might ask. There is a lot of spirited discussion regarding SUVs and their capabilities but what no one can disagree with is that SUVs at BMW CCA drving schools is a new phenomena. It will take time to gain experience to know how SUVs will be part of future driving schools. It may be disappointing to hear your make and model of SUV are not currently allowed to participate at our driving school but keep in mind all SUVs (including BMW SUVs) used to be banned. Now a limited number can participate. That certainly seems like a positive step for propents of SUV participation at track events. Please contact the registrar should you have any further questions on our SUV policy.
  • Hybrid / Electric vehicles: As a general policy, the Trillium Chapter, a member of the BMW CCA, allows all models of BMW automobiles legally allowed to operate on Canadian roads, at all Trillium events including driving schools, autoslaloms, etc. But, it should be noted that venues also have their own rules regarding allowable vehicles. Venue rules always supersede club rules. That being said, as the auto industry moves toward electrification, many venues are considering new rules and regulations for these new types of vehicles. If you have either a hybrid or full electric vehicle, please contact us and we will reach out to the venue for their specific policy. As of 2023 there are no charging stations available at Mosport.
  • What about vehicle X: Automotive technology changes all the time. If you think your vehicle might be a type not previously evaluated (such as new generation cross-overs or track-day cars such as the KTM X-Bow, Radical, etc), send us the make, model, and year and we will look into whether such vehicles qualify.
  • For 2023, we are allowing helmets that meet the SA2015 standard, or later). A very limited number of loaner helmets are available at the track. Motorcycle helmet are not allowed. Please note an 'M' helmet does not mean motorspot. It means 'M'otorcycle.
  • The driver and passenger seat belts must be equal. This means if your driver seat has a 5-point harness, your passenger seat must also have a 5-point harness.
  • Long pants are mandatory, no tank tops, no open shoes, no synthetics (cotton, or silk only)
  • Refunds: Fees are refundable up to 15 days prior to the event and may be subject to a small admin fee charged by the payment processor. Please note the club is not responsible for currency fluctuations. There are no refunds for cancellations at 14 days or less. In the case of a cancellation, the club will offer participants another school within the same year. What if it's the last school of the year? Contact us via email to discuss available options. 
  • Bulk purchases are only valid for the current season
  • Driver substitutions are not allowed
  • Student drivers are NOT permitted to carry any passengers while on track, or during skid pad/autoslalom exercises, except for Trillium approved instructors. Instructors are the only drivers permitted to carry passengers in their cars, such as the school students, or guests. 

Required Forms

  1. Technical Inspection Form
  2. A Track Waiver Form which you can find here: Trillium Forms

You car must be inspected by a licensed mechanic according to all of the criteria on the club's technical inspection form. At the time of your inspection you must ensure your mechanic completes and signs the form. This inspection should be completed no earlier than 4 weeks before the driving school. A separate technical inspection is requied for each and every driving school you attend. You must present the completed and signed form on the morning of the first day of the driving school. Without a completed and signed form you will not be allowed out on the track. 

When and Where

Please arrive by 6:30 am to register and prepare your car. There is a Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 7:45 am. We thank you in advance for arriving on time!

Click on the following link for directions and general information on track facilities. Our events are held at the Grand Prix track. Look for signage indicating the correct entrance gate.