Nominations for the Board of Directors of the club are now closed

Every two years, elections are held for the Board of Director positions at Trillium Chapter. It is important that people give back to the club to help navigate, manage and execute the list of events and programs that make this club one of the best. Please note that for the 2022-2023 calendar year, nominations are now closed.

Why is it important to offer your time as a Board member or volunteer?

This club is education-based and a CRA authorized educational institution that offers High Performance Driving Education, AutoSlalom, Street Survival School for young people, and many other events and programs to help our members develop into great drivers. But the club does not run itself. We need YOU!

What does being a Board member entail?

  • One 2-hour board meeting a month
  • Provide your voice into the planning and delivery of the club programs
  • Action items to review, research and execute in your specific role / responsibility
  • Work with the Board and volunteers to plan, coordinate and run the club programs
  • Participate in the development of new program

There are perks that come with volunteering your time and efforts while on the board, however, this is about giving back and helping to continue decades of learning, safety and fun for our members. We've created a lot of great drivers over the years. If you are one of them, give back so that others can follow in your footsteps.

The above duties are vital to our club existence and ensures that we offer top-notch events and programs. Without the board and volunteers, there is no club. It's that simple. Sure you can pay your money to go to a business that runs lapping days for track time, but it isn't on par with our education, it doesn't always provide instruction and you aren't insured because they aren't driving schools.

In November, we will be holding nominations for seven people to be on the board for 2022 and 2023. The roles / positions will be voted on in the first board meeting. They are:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Bookkeeping and Social Events Coordinator
  • Webmaster and Electronic Membership    

We are calling all of your to give back to the club either as a board member or as a volunteer. With the right number of people, we can offer new events like:

  • New track events at PittRace, Tremblant and Watkins Glen
  • Light off-road and back-road tours and rallies
  • Winter driving schools
  • Seminars on vision, car set-ups, car safety and equipment, getting into racing, car mods and where to start, etc.

We can't offer more value to members, if we don't have the people to run the club and programs. When the email is sent to you, please get someone to nominate you or nominate someone you know who would be a great club ambassador and board member.

To nominate someone (including yourself), please contact Remember, you must be an active member of the club. Please include a brief introduction and your past experience with Trillium and/or any other auto clubs you have been involved with.

The deadline for nominations is October 29, 2021.

October Advanced Driving School

The last Advanced Driving School of the season is coming up on October 22-24th. We are encouraged that the school will once again run in-car instructors and classroom sessions for those who are vaccinated. The lead/follow format will remain for all those who are not vaccinated or are not comfortable with having an instructor in the car with them.

For instructors, if you haven't registered, please do. We have a lot students who want to learn from you.

Instructors and students may register for this event at:

Solo Students
Remember that we are running a free data collection and coaching program for three people at this event. Think you're a good driver? Let's see the data. Data doesn't lie, so while you feel you are doing a good line, on the throttle at the right spot, braking with the right pressure etc., a Solo Data Coach can find you time. At the driver's meeting on Saturday morning, the coach(s) will be introduced. Make a point to go over and sign-up. You will be a better driver for it!

Street Survival School
On November 7th, we get back into the cars with our young drivers. After missing last year, this program is in great demand. Do you know a new driver that could benefit from instruction about emergency manoeuvres, accident avoidance and car control? If they have a G2 or G license, and a car they can drive, sign them up. This is the best and most affordable training they will ever get. This school saves lives!

We have a total of 32 placements for this school and they are going fast. To learn more, and to register, follow this link:

SIM Racing Is Starting Up Again Soon!
After a hiatus to allow all of us to do some real tracking and racing, it is time to get back to some virtual racing through the Trillium BMW Sim Racing League, brought to you by our 2021 sponsor HIP Motorsports. Look for further communication on this in the coming month.

Click here to register: