April Weekend: First Timers/Novice to Solo Students: Sold Out, Friday Solo/Instructors: Open, Weekend Instructors: Open

Please note that the weekend registration for all students, first timers, novice, intermediate, advanced, and solos is now sold out. For Friday solos and instructors we do have spots open. For weekend instructors we have spots open. Please register. For those who do want to attend the weekend a spot or two may open before the event. Please contact the registrar at registrar@trilliumbmwclub.ca and asked to be put on the waiting list.

Track Weekend Coming Up? Sponsor Garages Offering both Free and Paid Tech Inspections

All participants in Trillium BMW Club driving schools and racing schools must bring a completed tech inspection form to each event. After inspection, it must be filled and signed by a provincially licensed mechanic or equivalent in the US.

Download the Technical Inspection Form here

Any garage with a licensed mechanic can perform these inspections. Fees for the inspection vary by garage.

UPDATE: 2019 BimmerWorld BMWCCA Club Race School - THREE weeks left

If you're considering advancing to the ranks of BMW Club Racing or CASC Racing, or want to be exposed to new concepts and on-track experiences, then this event is for you. This school is open to all drivers experienced with high performance driving on the track. Instructors and signed-off advanced students of the BMW Club high performance driver education program are welcome, as well as participants with equivalent experience from other recognized organizations. You will need to be a member of either the Trillium BMW Club or any chapter of the BMWCCA to participate.

Winter Go-Karts Season is Done - Thanks for all who participated

Sunday, March 24 was Trillium's final race for our 2019 Winter Go-Kart Series held at K1Speed Kartways in Downsview.  Great attendance numbers made for competitive racing at each of the Sunday evening events that started back in January. 

The racing was so fierce that often the time difference between the lead racer and 10th place was only 0.500s apart!  These are some of the most evenly matched karts we've experienced, which made for a legitimate ego-boost or humbling "no-excuse" evening among the participants. 

Minimum Helmet Standards until 2020

As of 2017 (TBA 2018), the minimum standard for accepted helmets at BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter driving events will be SA2010. Please do not confuse M2010 with SA2010. M is for 'M'otorcyle, not 'M'otorsport. We do not accept motorcycle (i.e. M-rated) helmets.  For more information on helmet standards, please see the web site of the Snell Memorial Foundation at http://www.smf.org/stds.

Gmail, you, and the club

Using Gmail as your e-mail account when communicating with the club? That's great, a lot of our members do. But please note that Gmail will occasionally tend to place e-mail into the Spam folder or on the Promotions or Social tab. If you have been looking for mail from the club in your Gmail account, please be sure to check