AutoSlalom 2018 - Now over for the season

IMPORTANT: Rules on Membership for 2018
As a requirement for event insurance, participants must be active members (i.e. paid up) of a participating club, which includes The BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter, Porsche Club of America Upper Canada Region, or any CASC clubs. Your membership must be active during the event day. Expired memberships are not accepted. Click here to see if your club is a CASC club

How do I prove I am an 'Active Member'?
At event registration you must bring your membership card or a receipt proving membership. This documentation must include a) your name, b) your club, c) the date of expiry of your membership.

Date Location*
2018 BMW Trillium AutoSlalom Schedule
Sunday, April 22@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton
Sunday, May 6@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton
Saturday, June 16@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton
Sunday, July 22@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton
Sunday, Aug 19@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton
Sunday, Sept 23@9:00AM Power Ade Centre, Brampton

Cost (2018): $40.00 (Members of Trillium, PCA-UCR, or any CASC club)

Notices and Limitations

  • Participants must be ether a BMW Clubs of Canada, PCA-UCR, or CASC-affiliate member (for insurance purposes). Trillium is a BMW Clubs Canada member with annual dues of $62.15 (tax included). Want to join the Trillium BMW Club? Click here: Join the Trillium BMW Club.
  • Helmets are mandatory. Recommend Snell SA2010 or SA2015 helmets.
  • Loaner helmets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Number of loaner helmets are limited. There is no charge for loaner helmets.
  • If you plan on competing towards the Autoslalom finals & competition trophy (awarded at the Christmas Dinner) we take the best 4 of 6 results.
  • Register early and get your car ready. Be part of the track walk and learn the course!
  • Late-comers will have to get rides with other participants to learn the course. You cannot retake the first practise run. Be on time or forefit the practise run.
  • Registration for events can be done via this web site (active Trillium members only, payment via Visa/MasterCard or Paypal) or at the venue (cash only, we do not accept credit / debit cards track side).  If you plan to register at the event, please bring proof of membership for your CASC club. Currently there are no limits on the number of cars that may attend!
  • Washrooms are available at the PowerAde Centre. You can also buy lunch from the Powerade concession stand.

Please check back for updates. Posted information is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Thanks in advance,

Tudor Comsa
Autoslalom Co-ordinator

First Timers
You must be a current (i.e. dues paid up) Trillium BMW Club, PCA-UCR, or CASC member to attend our Autoslalom events. Please note that all observers, helpers, and passengers must sign and complete a waiver. Parents or guardians need to submit waivers for children.

For each Autoslalom you attend you need to complete the Car Information Form (click here)

The 2018 season will continue with the scoring system based on SCCA’s SOLO II model, using the PAX / RTP weighting system. Essentially, this neutralizes the power, weight, and modifications done to your car. You’re competeing on a fairly level playing field with all the other participants.

Download the SCCA-SOLO Rules Here:

Location - PowerAde Centre, Brampton (click for details on location and directions).

To Register, please click on this link: Trillium Auto Slalom Registration