Trillium General Elections for the 2020-2021 board

Dear Members,

The term of Trillium BMW’s current Board of Directors is coming to a close.  These past 2 years have gone by quickly and it’s now time for Trillium to accept nominations for a new Board of Directors.

Trillium BMW has a robust membership base and is a wonderful club to be a part of.  But Trillium BMW cannot thrive or survive without the support and participation of its volunteers.

School Update: The Final School Weekend of 2019 (Oct) Has Spots Open

Members: The final driving weekend of 2019 (Oct 25-27) still has spots open for Instructors and Students on both the Friday and Weekend events.

Please sign up now. If you have questions regarding membership, please contact us at

To contact the registrar for any questions regarding this event please email us at

Thank you

Now on the Map: Trillium Added to BMW CCA Foundation Map

In celebration of the 50th birthday of the BMW Car Club of America, and 50 years of the BMW enthusiast experience in North America, the BMWCCA Foundation is presenting a new exhibition, PASSION: 50 Years of BMW Cars & Community.  Included in this exhibit is a map locating all the BMWCCA Chapters. If you’re planning a visit to or drive through South Carolina, you are more than welcome to stop by to visit the Foundation Museum.  For more information, click here


Approved! 2019 & 2020 BMW New Vehicle Rebate Programme for Trillium Members

Effective June 3, 2019, BMW Group Canada will offer a Membership Reward Rebate Programme for Trillium Chapter members based on Canadian eligibility criteria, with graduated rebate values similar to the U.S. programme. The Terms and Conditions, and rebate allowances are as follows:

Terms and Conditions:

Track Weekend Coming Up? Sponsor Garages Offering both Free and Paid Tech Inspections

All participants in Trillium BMW Club driving schools and racing schools must bring a completed tech inspection form to each event. After inspection, it must be filled and signed by a provincially licensed mechanic or equivalent in the US.

Download the Technical Inspection Form here

Any garage with a licensed mechanic can perform these inspections. Fees for the inspection vary by garage.