Thanks to Everyone Who Attend Our 2018 Christmas Dinner

Dear Members,

For everyone who registered for and attended the Christmas Dinner and Annual General Meeting this November 17 at the Paddock Club in Burlington the club wishes to thank you for your participation. Many we're impressed with the venue and it's facilities. A large number of positive comments regarding the food were also made. As discussed at the meeting, dates for the 2019 Advanced Driving School are now known and will be posted soon.

The club wishes to thank all who helped make this event possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

Minimum Helmet Standards until 2020

As of 2017 (TBA 2018), the minimum standard for accepted helmets at BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter driving events will be SA2010. Please do not confuse M2010 with SA2010. M is for 'M'otorcyle, not 'M'otorsport. We do not accept motorcycle (i.e. M-rated) helmets.  For more information on helmet standards, please see the web site of the Snell Memorial Foundation at

Gmail, you, and the club

Using Gmail as your e-mail account when communicating with the club? That's great, a lot of our members do. But please note that Gmail will occasionally tend to place e-mail into the Spam folder or on the Promotions or Social tab. If you have been looking for mail from the club in your Gmail account, please be sure to check